Baltimore Home Circumcision

 Have a Jewish Circumcision Expert perform a circumcision in the comfort of your home!

Rabbi Strum with a patient.

There is no place like home, especially for circumcision. Immersed in a caring and familiar atmosphere, with the reassuring presence of parents within arms' reach, we provide the best possible experience for you and your baby.  

"... performed our son's circumcision and was very professional and compassionate."

-Dr. Casey Mabry,   

Pediatrician, Baltimore City

"I have witnessed many circumcisions.  This one was professional. "

-Aaron Wealcatch,     

Physician Associate, Baltimore County


'"Menachem is the most sensitive person that I know when it comes to dealing with other people. His kind heart and huge base of medical knowledge is incredible. It was a pleasure to see him in action catering to my grandson's circumcision. The before and after care that he offers is something that every professional should emulate. Thank you!"

-David Bloom

"I was floored by the staff at Baltimore  Home Circumcision. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Knowing that my son was in the hands of professionals was so reassuring. And my pediatrician was very impressed with the results."

-Sarah from Pikesville

"Our experience with Menachem has been so amazing! We felt so comfortable and confident with Menachem's work on circumcising our newborn baby. He was so gentle, smooth, and professional during the entire procedure. He dealt with our baby in such a calm and delicate way while at the same time doing amazing work on the circumcision. "

-Leah K.

"The staff here are really amazing, I know the head of the company personally and I am definitely planning on using him when I have my child, he is the kindest and most honest person, the kind I would want for my son's circumcision."

-Chaim B.

"We were referred to Strum by our midwife as we were looking for a more natural and sensitive environment for our son's circumcision. He was kind, sensitive, and professional. Explained exactly what he was going to do and walked us through the process. He was also very communicative and stayed in touch nearly every day during recovery to check in on the healing process. He answered all our concerns and questions clearly and quickly. We are very happy with his service and highly recommend to any parent that might be anxious about circumcision. Thank you for your wonderful care!"